"In terms of anything I bought pre-baby, this course was hands down the best"

Hypnobirthing really comes into it's own when things don't go quite to plan, as shown in the story below.  It's okay to feel anxious during pregnancy and I think it's fantastic when women face that 'head on' and look at things they can do to help themselves. 

"When I found out I was pregnant with my little boy I was very happy but also scared.

To say that I was petrified of child birth and labour would be an understatement, which is why my partner and I decided that we would try hypnobirthing as it was something I’d heard a lot about.

We attended a course with Natalie back in January. In terms of anything I bought pre-baby it was hands down the best. The course was amazing. Natalie was so helpful and really put my partner and I at ease and we left with so many different tools to help with the lead up to labour and the labour itself.

I ended up going 12 days overdue which unfortunately gave me a lot of anxiety as being induced was highest on my list of things I didn’t want to happen. But using the hypnobirthing techniques that my partner and I had learned definitely helped.

While waiting to have my waters broken, I listened to the tracks provided by Natalie on repeat. It helped me relax and my waters actually broke naturally!

We made the hospital room very dark, with some battery powered candles all around the room and a playlist of my favourite relaxing songs to listen to. I always wanted a very natural water birth.

Due to being induced I didn’t get that but making the room feel like my own certainly helped. I also ended up having to have a forceps delivery, which was very scary BUT I genuinely don’t think I would have handled it half as well had it not been for Natalie and her course.

My partner also learnt a lot of valuable coping mechanisms by reminding me to breathe and knowing all the answers to any questions I was asked, so that I could concentrate on staying calm and relaxed.

Nearly five months on and I genuinely believe that the hypnobirthing is one of the reasons I’ve got such a happy and content little boy. Thanks so much Natalie!"

Congratulations to Ashleigh and to her very sweet new addition - and thanks for sharing your story!