The importance of self-care and time to just be

Aislinn Marek from Relax Kids talks introduces her 'Baby Mindful' classes.  

Much of the information for expectant parents is based around pregnancy and birth, leaving new mothers and fathers often unprepared for what comes next.  Many new parents tell me that they have felt overwhelmed when they leave the hospital, or they are left alone at home with this new, tiny, vulnerable person, for whom they are completely responsible. 

Being a new parent is hard.  You need time to get to know this new member of your family (whether it is your first, second, third, fourth baby – they are all unique).  And never mind what your body has been through, and the impact those hormones are having, anyone who has reduced, broken sleep and this amount of responsibility, with no manual and little guidance is likely to find it hard going.

Well-meaning friends and family ask how the baby is doing: are they eating, sleeping, pooping as expected?  But, what about you?  A huge amount of time and energy goes into looking after a newborn and it is so important to give yourself time to heal (physically and emotionally), to learn the steps to this new dance of parenthood and to just be with your baby.  Parents have a tendency to feel guilty about taking time out for themselves.  Mothers, in particular, can find it hard to give themselves permission to meet their own needs.  We feel we should be cleaning, cooking, washing, entertaining …  But how can we keep going if we don’t take time out to rest and nurture ourselves?

That’s why Baby Mindful classes are so beneficial.  Parents get the opportunity to experience classes which have been specially designed to help encourage babies’ cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development, but also (and perhaps more importantly), parents get to spend quality time with their baby, in a calming, supportive atmosphere, where they can benefit from exercises to help them relax, unwind and feel more confident and grounded, as they step into this new and unfamiliar world.  The classes let mums and dads know that it is ok to take time for themselves, to think about their own needs.

Feedback from parents who have attended Baby Mindful classes confirms that both baby and parent feel calmer following sessions, with many parents reporting that their babies sleep for longer after the class.  Parents have also commented that they feel more able to meet their baby’s needs in a calm and centred way and feel that this has made a huge difference to their confidence as new parents.

  • A time for BEING with your baby rather than DOING.
  • A chance to spend quality time with your baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere
  • A chance for you to relax and unwind and feel more confident and grounded
  • To help you feel calmer and more relaxed while you bond with your baby and strengthen your attachments
  • To help you, as parents, to learn how to respond to the "dance of parenthood" from a place of feeling calm and centred.
  • To encourage you to believe that you have the "permission" to just stop and rest and to take some time for yourselves.

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