Blowing my own trumpet

Whilst not entirely comfortable 'blowing my own trumpet' I thought it might be useful to draw your attention to two news articles I've been profiled in. 

Hypnobirthing is gaining a higher profile, not least through the increasing number of celebrities who are speaking out about how useful they found it, during pregnancy and birth. 

Whilst this is great, I'm really passionate that using relaxation tools are accessible for all women and that a little bit of knowledge about what birth is and isn't can go a long way. 

With that in mind, here is a link to Becca's birth story as told to the Manchester Evening News. Becca was one of the first couples I ever worked with, you can read her story and how she used hypnobirthing to overcome a traumatic previous birth here

The Bolton Evening News also spoke to me about the rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge used hypnobirthing a couple of years ago. For someone who doesn't like to name drop, I think I managed that quite nicely. 

Natalie Qureshi