About Me

I am a Birth Coach and hypnotherapist based in Manchester.

I work with pregnant women and their birth partners to teach deep relaxation techniques which reduce fears and anxieties during pregnancy, as well as practical pain management skills for the birth itself. 

My teaching will cover everything you need to know for the birth of your baby. This includes how your body works to your advantage during birth and how you can prepare yourself with practical and realistic techniques.

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2010, I prepared by doing every course available and reading as much as possible. Whilst this was all useful, it was actually just a few simple hypnobirthing methods that really made the difference during birth.   

Birth Coaching can be hugely empowering, no matter how or where you are planning to have your baby. I work with many women who are pregnant for the first time as well as mums on baby number five!  

As someone who has been coaching women for the last six years, I can help you overcome a previous negative birth experience, prepare for twins or for a planned caesarean.  

I passionately believe these techniques can be used whatever your plans for the birth of your baby.

If you’ve heard the word ‘hypnobirthing’ around and not sure how it could help you, do have a look at my FAQs or get in touch to let me bust some myths.  

Natalie Qureshi and kids
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My Qualifications

  • Hypnobirthing practitioner training by Maggie Howell, founder of Natal Hypnotherapy

  • Training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives

  • Integrative Hypnotherapy Diploma, The Christie Hospital Manchester

  • Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register

  • Lay-Examiner RCOG (Royal College of Obstetrician’s and Gynaecologists)